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Convention and Innovation in Literature. Theo d'. John Benjamins Publishing , 1 Jan - halaman. This work is a critical evaluation of the concepts of convention and innovation as applied in the study of changing literary values, hierarchies and canons. Two approaches are analyzed: 1 the linking of convention and the subject's awareness of convention, and 2 systems theory. The merits of both approaches are discussed and an attempt is made to combine them and to regard systems of literary communication primarily as systems of conventions.

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A Modest Proposal. Convention and Innovation in Literary History.

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Literary Conventions and Translated Literature. Innovation or Confirmation of the Norm? Goethes Werther in Holland A Contest betweenInnovation and Convention. Quick-Pickled Cucumbers.

Crafting Papers for Publication: Novelty and Convention in Academic Writing

Use a ratio of sugar to kosher salt and enough to lightly coat the cucumber slices. They were both ridiculously delicious. This is much the same for poems as it is for cooking. The challenge can be local to the circumstances of preparing a specific meal or working with a particular bit of language; however, it may be more global, such as the tension between the new and the old, innovation and tradition. I liked the purple and red color. Here, I combined two items in the cookbook: the ginger scallion noodles and the pork belly.

I added daikon, radishes, quick-pickled cucumbers, and snow peas that I quickly blanched in the noodle water after the noodles were done cooking.

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I removed the last two ingredients about halfway through reducing the glaze. After the pork belly had cooled, I brushed on the glaze and cooked it in the oven at for about 8 minutes. I did this as I was assembling the noodles.

The flavors went to eleven. Of course, a very immediate reason for innovation is novelty. We hate being bored. It has mustard greens and radishes as well.

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Day-after ginger scallion noodles and citrus-soy glazed pork belly? Yeah, even the leftovers are awesome and tasty. David Chang is not afraid to question his assumptions. I love what he says about his transformation of traditional dashi—a broth infused with katsuo-bushi dried fish flakes and konbu kelp —into bacon dashi, which substitutes smokey bacon for the smokey fish flakes. I think that in the questioning of basic assumptions—about how we cook and why we cook with what we do—is when a lot of the coolest cooking happens.

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The result of that willingness to question himself is this versatile and flavorful iteration of dashi. Bacon dashi seems so spontaneous but inevitable. This kind of innovation holds sympathies with my thinking about the creative process in general. The following Kenneth Burke quote has been helpful to me in thinking about innovation. Once these terms are accepted, I can go a little beyond them.

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But I shall argue only for my addition, and assume the rest. If people believe eight, I can recommend nine; I can do so by the manipulation of their eightish assumptions; I need not justify my nine by arguing for one.