Dynamics of Ocean Tides

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Ocean Tides

Satellite altimetry can be used to obtain tidal information in the deep ocean where tidal gages are lacking and to more accurately tune current tidal data along the coasts. Tides can now be predicted with an accuracy of 2 centimeters anywhere in the deep ocean. Summary of factors controlling local tidal range and velocity.

Many factors determine the magnitude and timing of tides. First, Considering that a tidal wave is a forced wave controlled by the the gravitational effects of the Moon and Sun on the Earth then variations in the positioning of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth will cause consistant predictable tidal fluctuations.

Second, the coriolis effect produced by the rotation of the earth and the constriction of the wave by ocean basins transforms the wave into a kelvin wave amphidromic system that rotates clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere.

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Basin geometry influences the following:. Higher tides are caused by amplification over broad continental shelves and funnel shaped embayments, and by resonance in a basin. Sites to Explore. Tidal range : difference between the high and low tide water lines.

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Ebb flow : Seaward tidal flow from high to low tide. Flood flow : Landward tidal flow from low to high tide.

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Slack water: Time of no flow between ebb and flood. Questions: 1.

[] Oceanic tides from Earth-like to ocean planets

In which hemisphere is the system shown above? What are the lines in the diagram to the right? Supperimposed on astronomical tides are the effects of local pressure and wind conditions that can depress or buldge the water's surface or pile up water onshore.

  • Dynamics of the long-period tides;
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    Equilibrium Theory on Tides

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