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You can even have some hand-optimized libraries for your purposes that contain assembly codes for each of the major CPUs out there. You can't get better than that. Java is not meant for high performance arithmetic calculations like this. If you are depending on these, I'd recommend picking a proper, low-level language to implement that.

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Or, alternatively, you can write the performance-specific part in a low level language, and then connect it to a Java front-end using JNI or some other IPC method. It will also show you what highest performance java code looks like. For the most part, for these few specific benchmarks, java took more time but not more than 2 or 3 times to run.

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Seconding that your best bet is to test it for yourself, as performance will vary somewhat depending on what you're doing exactly. I find it difficult to believe Shane C. I would guess that with features like bounds-checking and garbage collection, Java would be slower than both, but I would not know until I tested. For example, are you using the GPU?

Edit I forgot about jogl, so Java can compete here.

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Are you parallelized using STM or shared-memory, then Java can't compete. Do you have enough memory to do the calculations in memory, so the garbage collector won't be needed, and have you fine-tuned the garbage collector for optimal performance? Then, Java can be competitive, perhaps. Then Java won't be able to compete. They make up the SciMark 2.

Java uses a Just in Time JIT compiler to convert the bytecode to native machine language - so the first time it runs through a code block it will be slower but once the segment is 'warmed up' the performance will be equivalent. In short - the numerical performance is pretty good. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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