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Through the comparative research on the learning environments of the ethnic minority learners and the Han nationality learners, the following conclusions have been drawn: there are striking differences between the network learning environment and the unbeneficial learning environment of the ethnic minority distance learners and those of the Han nationality learners.

An intelligent distance learning model is presented based on a combined courseware structure. This paper concerns how the multimedia as a information technology IT aids the teaching of English writing. Based on the analysis of the challenges to and the aim of the writing for undergraduates, how the multimedia is employed during the teaching of writing is demonstrated.

The college sports theory teaching intelligent exam system has a simple interface which is easy to operate and even the students not familiar with computer can handle it easily. Now the senior school students begin to have computer class so they can handle the system only need to know the basic Windows operation and typewriting. Meanwhile, the operation system achieves good effects in practical application, such as convenient exam, rapid paper building, easy grading and high efficiency.

The scores directly output can be easily handled or recorded by computer. Construction principle is the foundation of the multimedia English teaching mode based on information technology in theory. It reflects the interaction, maneuverability and realization in technology. It is better for regional characterized economy construction. Information commons, the new service model, brings a new development chance for the service innovation of the university library in China. Beginning with introducing the general overview of the information commons, in terms of the general procedure of IC constructing, the physical layer, virtual layer and support layer are deigned which can provide some guidance to the IC plan of university library in China.

The twenty-first century is an era, which integrates technology and art together. In this paper, the authors discusses the relationship between the computer technology and art and also analyzes the orientation of the computer culture attribute and the connotation of the computer art culture, and then explores the cultural trend of the computer art development. It also puts forward some principle-based suggestions on the construction of foundation database. Physical training is considered the best non-pharmacological approach to reduce the incidence of heart diseases and maintain an independent life-style even in old age.

The most helpful approach to improve cardiovascular function is aerobic training, independently of exercise mode. Oxidative stress is a metabolic status in which equilibrium between pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants is broken. Virtual Trainer VT Concept is a technological platform for the controlled practice of physical training to achieve better cardiovascular fitness results that includes a motivational environment crated to support the long term compliance with the training program. Facing the existent problems in graduate teaching especially experimental teaching for general university, a new idea of developing a simulation experimental teaching system for self-study is proposed.

The simulation system is introduced in detail. Automated Chinese and English recognition is defined as the process of assigning category labels to new documents based on the likelihood suggested by a training set of labelled documents. Four famous approaches to text feature selection are adopted. Also,the categorization accuracy is improved,and the sensitivity to Kvalue is reduced to some extent. As we develop the software of database program, it refers to various of condition searches, in order to get lots of information data.

Although modern relationship databases support table s fields defined with Chinese character code, but fields usually define with English character code. A big database application always makes up several hundred tables and several thousand fields. In this paper, to solving these questions, we create auxiliary table that storages fields English to Chinese comparing records and create general data getting function. The daily life of computer language,exploration and research computer metaphor and its basic structure of cognitive function is analyzed.

Through the corpus of analysis, we found that metaphor in the field of computer are widespread and reflected the people to the understanding of the computer, this kind of understanding not only expressed in computer language is also present in the daily man-machine communication. This website is developed with ASP. The test and analysis shows that the system works stable and reliable with a certain practical value. According to the teaching objectives of vocational CNC machining process design background, performance analysis to determine the problem and determine the design criteria of effective teaching objectives by clarifying teaching objectives, the goal of teaching is also constant feedback to refine and improve.

With the continuous development of network technology, teaching and examinations have changed Significantly. For PE courses, online exam is a hot topic of the reform of current education mode and development trends. This article is in view of the research on online examination system of PE theory course, using the NET and SQL for research and development, firstly, describe the demand analysis of the system, secondly design the details of the exam system, finally, how to implement the system.

The research and development of online examination will improve teaching quality and perfect the education system. For non-linear problem, the forecasting technique of pre—classification and later regression was proposed, based on the classification approach of Support Vector Machine SVM. Compared with other forecasting techniques and their forecasting results, this algorithm outperforms others in influence prediction of a liberalism case in international law.

The establishment of the database of mathematics history has become possible when computers, communications, multimedia facilities, superchips and the Internet are available. The digitized documents are the symbol of the level of digital technology of a given country or region. A database system of mathematics history is designed and implemented that promote and raise the educational approaches and methods to improve the mathematics history study. With the increased use and increase the value of literature, malicious download digital resources are growing as well. By analyzing the use of netflow, to construct a specific data source based on controlling single ip flow and the number of traffic monitoring system, in order to control malicious download and avoid other risks.

With the development of 3S technology, 3S integration technology combining closely remote sensing RS , geographic information systems GIS and global satellite positioning system GPS has shown great future. In this paper, we design the forest fire monitoring system based on 3S technology for forest fire forecasting in real-time, forest fire monitoring and decision supporting. The system will be helpful for Guangxi meteorological department to improve service on forest fire monitoring.

The internet plays a more and more important role in film and movie communication. This mainly embodies the internet has gradually broken the technology limits and it has surpassed the tradition film media in the aspects of speed, quality and quantity of digital image transmission, such as the network movies, mobile movies, city movies and other electric image publishes which arise in recently years, have been greatly increasing. It indicates that the internet has an important influence on film communication.

The paper mainly discusses the film communication under the internet circumstances, and the study and its conclusions have realistic and instructional meanings. After analyzing the insufficiency which existed in current most of long-distance education Websites, this paper introduces Data Mining technology, which is widely used in the field of the electronic commerce and so on, into the remote learning system of party history information. A kind of system model based on agent is proposed, and how to construct a multi-dimensional data cube to evaluate the studies of students is introduced, which can be realized by OLAP Analysis Service tools provided by Microsoft SQL Server.

In this paper, we build up WBNNK model based on wavelet-based cooperative Boltzmann neural network and kernel density estimation. The international oil prices time series is decomposed into approximate components and random components. The approximate components, which represented the trend of oil price, are predicted with Boltzmann neural network; the random components are predicted with Gaussian kernel density estimation model.

In this paper, we analyzed the time-frequency structure of dubieties wavelet transform coefficient modulus for international natural gas and crude oil price time series, and predicted the oil price with cooperative Boltzmann neural network and Gaussian kernel density estimation model. Principal curvature method is preferably reliable in forecasting of tension fracture of uniform rock structure. In this paper, the structural plane curvature is calculated based on forecasting of fracture distribution and development level using Petrel software widely used at present.

The principal curvature based structure calculation in Tarim Basin indicated that this method can be used to calculate curvature value of structural plane in an accurate manner and features simple, efficient and convenient use and favorable application value. A case study of a Terminal in Tianjin Port, heuristic algorithm is used to obtain the solution for this model, the result has the feasibility and practicability. This paper mainly solved the problem of the storage space allocation for export containers based on the rule base. It putted forward an intelligent method which can easily lay the outbound container on the object container.

The analysis based on the rule base which made the plan of container yard accomplished more easily. It also met the demand of the real operation to the maximal limit. Meanwhile, the improved utilization ratio of container yard and the increased mechanical efficiency were beneficial to arrange the operation of shipping.

At last, the efficiency and practicality of this intelligent system was proved by practical case study. So the settlement based on rule base is more reasonable for intelligent storage space allocation. Firstly, the indicator of system should be formulated. Secondly, the weight of each indicator should be made by AHP.

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Finally, the membership function model of system should be created and combine the fuzzy judgment matrix to get the result of the whole system. In the financial market, although foreign exchange options or foreign exchange forward contracts are available for corporations to hedge risks, reports of profit losses due to foreign exchange losses remain common. The GA is used to determine the optimum number of input and hidden nodes for a feedforward neural network, the optimum slope of the activation function, and the optimum learning rates and momentum coefficients.

The absolute relative error between the predicted value and the actual value was 0. This study conducts a customer survey and performs an analysis using factor analysis, artificial neural networks, and logistic regression analysis to gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of hotel service attributes on customer satisfaction. Artificial neural network is more accurate than logistic regression analysis for predicting customer satisfaction. The purpose of the research is to collect and analyze the internet public opinion, understand the public voice and feed back in time.

Basing on the understanding of public opinion and its related concepts, the paper explained the developing process of public opinion and internet public opinion in their life cycle. Next we the monitoring model of internet public opinion has been built according with the change rule of public opinion. The original information is webpage in internet. Hot topic would be obtained with passive monitoring and active tracking. Furthermore, the situation of internet opinion is discovered. Leading and blocking, these two ways can be used to guide the internet public opinion positively.

The research of this paper would be beneficial to quickly grasp and understand internet public opinion and make effective control and guide. It has important practical significance to construct the socialist harmonious society. This paper considers the water supply, sewage treatment and the affordability of urban water users, the nonlinear water price model for urban water user is established, in which the objective function is maximum the total social surplus.

The Lagrange multiplier method is used to solve the model. The relationship between the ratio of the local water supply and the water price of urban water users is discussed. At last, the numerical example of a city is given. Electronic information resource has become the main way for users obtaining information.

How to dig out from the mass of information to the appropriate information is a difficult and time-consuming problem for anyone. How can personalized recommender system solve the problem? A case study on Nanjing a city in China real estate market is also conducted to discuss and validate the effectiveness of our method. Hub-and-spoke network is the main form of express transportation at present. The logistics optimization of such network is the core to get better benefits for express company. According to the transport characteristic of hub-and-spoke network, combined with hub-and-spoke theory, the express transportation model is proposed based on the lowest total transportation cost in this paper.

Then the genetic algorithm for the model is given, by which we can obtain the division scheme of distribution centers and the vehicle scheduling plan. Finally, an example is solved. First, this paper analysis the existing problems in Chinese software development. Second, the software engineering theory especially the waterfall model is discussed in this paper. Third, a small enterprise human resource management system is taken as an researching object. Through implementing the system, some suggestion is provided for us at last.

The boundaries of folk art are subjective, but the impetus for art is often associated with creativity, regarded with wonder and admiration along human history. The goal of our approach is to explore novel creative approaches of applying color into folk art with the help of computer-aided art design.

A creative system is designed to aid the creative processes, and the system is able to generate novel effect on folk art color. The sequences are combined and selected, based on their different characteristics, in forms of reflecting the color styles. The system is of great significance for folk art color in computer-aided art design process.

In recent years, financial crisis events related to the public companies have obtained more and more attentions. The proposed model contains two main phases, which are attribute weight computing and financial distress detecting. In this paper, we propose a novel advertisement design method based on CAD technology, which could enhance the quality and effectiveness of advertisement design. After analyzing superiority of CAD technology in detail, we illustrate our two-layer advertisements design model, which is made up of source layer and design layer.

Source layer consists of well organized materials database including trademark logos, advertisement database, images, artistic designs and so on. In design layer, five function modules are utilized to conduct advertisement design based on the materials collected from the source layer. The internet supervises and controls to the embedded system is one of the most important disrection in the embedded system. We have studied the basic requirements for embedded monitoring system and analysed the implementation mechanism of monitoring system.

Lasting competitive market environment, enterprises have been the fo-cus of attention. Collaborative e-commerce is the present and future of virtual op-erating mode, the line with the notion of its ideological and supply chain manage-ment. Article first to analyze the problems of the existing supply chain management information systems, management model on the basis of the percep-tion and response, based on the concept of collaborative e-commerce supply chain management information systems, and on this basis, a complete introduction to building programs based on collaborative e-commerce supply chain management information systems.

The paper presents the research of supply chain management information systems based on collaborative e-commerce. The application of the Geographic Information System GIS in power system is the only way of digital and informatization of power system. Through the analysis on the domestic and foreign GIS application status, relevant technology and typical power distribution automation system project implementation example, this paper expounds the integrated design idea of the development and GIS application.

Then the application framework of GIS in power system based on web services is proposed, and the further development direction is indicated. Knowledge is an important expenditure of the enterprise innovation. The knowledge of enterprise innovation originates from the interior production and the exterior knowledge.

These two kinds of knowledge sources have different influence on the innovation performance. In this paper based on the data form the questionnaire survey and using DEA, it is measured by the production function. The result indicates that the production efficiency of innovation knowledge is not high for all the sample enterprises. The exterior knowledge, especially coming from the industrial cluster and university knowledge, is seriously wasted and the patent output is very low and so on. In the end, advices are put forward for improving the knowledge innovation performance.

The role of e-business management is not only to facilitate information sharing, but also to enhance communication and collaboration. Mismeasured and ineffective collaboration occurs when e-enabled e-communication and e-business innovation are not included in the measurement package. Alibaba runs one of the largest online e-commerce platforms in China — Taobao.

The study also discusses the appropriateness of e-business diffusion theory as a measure of collaboration success and reorganizes the expanded role of e-communication in interorganizational collaboration. The most notable attributes are relative advantage, complexity, trialability and observability. This trend prompted the companies of the design of product innovation, appearance, ergonomics, etc.

This article described the application of computer-aided ergonomics in the design of small household electrical appliances in detail and guide the develop direction of small household electrical appliances in the future. Traditional design of shaped small household product, mold design and its processing was accomplished according to the drawing data, therefore it always takes more time to modify the mould and costs a lot.

Based on the deepen research on present sport learning platform and the further developing requirement, this article designs the structure model that can be in common use for the platform of sport technology learning. It uses the ASP. Net development tool, adopts component technology during the platform establishment. In order to increase the component expandability and the reusability, here we use the object-oriented OOP method to package the component.

We use the custom entity to realize the physical model. Through the improvement of these key technologies, we can develop the software extensibility, flexibility and the security. With rapid development of the computer network technology, how to utilize modern computer technique to realize the statistic electronization and networking has been the important work to improve the office automatic and statistic information service. This is satisfying the modern social development. Moreover, this is the significant subject for the statistic industry.

Different level statistician must good at various data statistics. They need to prepare well about the marketing policy collection and arrangement that can change the passivity statistic to the active service. Therefore, the computer application is imperative during the statistical work. The virtual experiment study is becoming a hot issue of network education study and attracts widespread attentions.

This paper describes the important position of network virtual experiment system in the education field. It can conform to the requirements of remote education system and get rid of the restraints of traditional laboratory mode, so as to achieve the full sharing of teaching resources.

Combined with the actual development work, this paper introduces the system architecture and drawing engine layer of virtual experiment system, the realization of the simulation frame layer and simulation realization layer. With the development of virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence, the virtual experiment system uses more and more applications of these advanced technologies to improve the user experience.

And this is the major development trend of virtual experiment system. Geographic information system GIS is the collection, processing, storage, management and analysis of geographic information software system, divided into the GIS platform software, application platform software, GIS and engineering applications of GIS industry development services. Housing space for geographical attributes based on the core functions of the GIS Real Estate Management is the natural attribute information, links to information of social and human attributes. The paper proposes the application of GIS in the real estate management system.

GIS-based property management system is to provide information services for real estate administrative department. The computer system has completed tedious calculations and statistics of sports scores automatically, achieved information management of sports scoers, alleviated working pressure of the PE teachers, improved the working efficiency of PE teachers. The series of international standards IEC substation communication networks and systems to provide a basis for interoperability, the establishment of a seamless communications network of the power system.

This study is the substation automation technology has entered the network development process, the study of IEC based on the interoperability of substation and the substation communication network performance. Human motion tracking is a special important research domain in the field of computer vision. It is widely used in security monitoring, video compression, video editing, sports training and so on.

Therefore, this paper utilizes the parameters of exponential map to express all parts of the body posture. It mainly consists of the following parts: establish the objective function based on the video image, seek to reach the minimum parameters by iteration method and utilize the minimum parameters to obtain the place of all parts of the body posture in the current frames.

The experimental results indicate the presented algorithm can track human motion effectively and accurately. Nowadays, Characteristics and user behavior of P2P file sharing system attract more attention. In this paper, we investigated system characteristics and user behavior in P2P file sharing system by using user log data of Maze system. And then we analyzed composition of workload in P2P system.

Finally we pointed out that different users have different roles to contribute the workload and summarized the characteristics of these users online time in P2P system. With the respect to the inaccurate and divergence results shown in practical operation, the current researches focus on bad data and synchronous precision. Considering the precondition of state estimation, a new computing method was proposed for steady-state value calculation. As global physical education sports become more and more popular, multi-person P.

E contest attracts more and more attention, such as Marathon, bicycle, orient cross-country, middle distance running, skate, etc. However, some problems come up during the contest, such as tumbling and trampling each other. This paper, using method of historical documents, scientific analyzing method and inductive method, etc, studies worldwide works on crowd simulation and computer visualized crowd simulation, and applied situation and prospect of large-scale crowd simulation.

The result shows, the field of P. E contest is single. The object of group is single, with obvious behavior characters. Therefore, P. E contest crowd simulation is feasible. In order to guarantee the smooth progress of the work in power plant, the production equipment and tools should be real-time monitored.

The traditional artificial and statistical management methods have been unable to adapt to the present needs, therefore this paper presents a new distributed intelligent monitoring system based on the technology of intelligent terminal equipment and Ethernet communication.

The system could realize real-time functions, such as the monitoring of equipment and tools, data statistics, system control and system alarm. Wherein, the communication between the different monitoring modules is completed used RS bus, and the communication between the monitoring module and control module is completed through Ethernet.

45th VLDB 12222: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Experimental results show that the system could run stably and real-time monitor the dynamic changes in power plant, and has good application prospect. The hybrid adaptive wavelet control scheme based on observer is proposed for a class of uncertain chaotic systems whose states are not all available. The proposed approach can guarantee the stability of the closed-loop, and achieve a good trajectory following performance without the knowledge of plant parameter.

The CSCW based cooperative remote oral medical diagnosis information system has very important application value and practical prospect. The system has integrated the most advanced technologies of CSCW, multi-layers architecture, computer graph, videoconference, and the information processing to provide a cooperative environment for doctors and patients to communicate for dealing the medical consultations and oral heal care affairs.

The system can be also be operated by number of doctors in different location to negotiate and diagnose the same patient oral medical disease through the oral image tools, videoconference tool and distributed software environment. The patient records can be shared between the different health professionals involved in the patient treatment.

This paper mainly describes the applying of Internet Of Things IOT technique in agriculture, both monitoring and control. In this system, the index values in the field such as temperature can be collected by wireless sensor system and uploaded to the internet, making it accessible by all the authorized visitors. In addition to the simply displacement of the data, we also make it possible for manger to realize remote control through system by simply typing in control index on the website.

In this way, the network will be powerful because it combines monitoring and control together through internet. Remote control technique requires active sending message from the web server to host computer, which contradict the traditional way of communication. To implement this function, we designed a specific visiting method to give the control information from the website to the host computer.

At present, there is the teaching content in the teaching process in the design basic course in industrial design, modeling materials and technology involves a wide range of knowledge points, and low student interest in learning, content and out of many other issues. The above problems, a series of Teaching Reform, had gained some experience in common with colleagues to questionable. In the paper, we design a distributed fibber Bragg grating temperature and humidity measurement system, the clock pulse broadband light source, combined with time division and wavelength division multiplexing fiber Bragg grating sensor network technology, we will can solve complex problems with addressing to fiber Bragg grating, change of the PI film coating for the humidity, we propose a non-power temperature and humidity sensors.

The use of arrayed waveguide grating sensor signal demodulation technology, through theoretical analysis confirmed the feasibility of the system.

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To investigate and analyze non-ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction clinical characteristics, we select hospital patients with acute myocardial infarction from June to June This process is also put forward higher requirements for batch scheduling, especially in continuous casting-hot rolling stage.

For this reason, an integrated production model is established about batch scheduling. With the objective of minimizing the production cost, the model satisfies three procedures constraints in steelmaking, continuous casting and hot-rolling. Then, coordination grouping ant colony is used to solve the model. Using practical production data in the experimental simulation, optimization effect and effective combination batches are obtained.

It shows that the algorithm is feasibility and effectiveness for the batch scheduling problem. Resumo Software development community adopts agile methods in several different ways considering specific contextual needs. Using factor analysis to generate clusters of agile practices A guide for agile process improvement. Agile software development methods: Review and analysis. AgilityHealth Assessment. Accessed: Missing data techniques for structural equation modeling.

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