Reluctant Hero

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Some three years after an "incident" in Afganistan, Corporal Apiata is informed by his commanding Officer that he is to be awarded the most prestigious military honor of them all - the Director: Steven O'Meagher. Stars: Willie Apiata , Temuera Morrison. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Edit Cast Credited cast: Willie Apiata Himself Temuera Morrison Edit Storyline Some three years after an "incident" in Afganistan, Corporal Apiata is informed by his commanding Officer that he is to be awarded the most prestigious military honor of them all - the Victoria Cross. Taglines: The exclusive story behind New Zealand's newest hero.

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Genres: Documentary. Edit Details Country: New Zealand. Language: English. Sound Mix: 6-Track Stereo. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? The first is that a single act of extraordinary valour occured. The second is that the nature of this deed was so great it helped turn the tide of the battle being conducted. I also read that you have to have a 90 percent chance of dying. Add the first question.

Reluctant Hero

Was this review helpful to you? Ritchie's version sees Hunnam's Arthur raised in a medieval brothel with no knowledge of his royal bloodline after the murder of his monarch father. Arthur works as a gangster on the streets of Londinium until he one day pulls a magical sword from a stone and is forced to face his destiny. Asked by UPI about his previous knowledge of Arthurian legend and what he wanted to incorporate in this latest re-telling of the tale, the year-old actor revealed at a recent New York press conference: "I had grown up really enjoying the John Boorman version of the story [ Excalibur ] and I'd read The Once and Future King , but mainly I was just excited about the idea of what Guy would do with this world as an enormous fan of Guy's my whole life.

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Show the people the power of Excalibur. I always quote Guy and how he said, 'We've seen the story of the noble man who goes on the noble quest to become the noble king' and we just thought, 'Let's do the opposite. Benfante worked in the second tower of the World Trade Center and as he fled down the staircase he encountered a woman in a wheelchair who needed his help.

Socrative users can import these questions using the following code: SOC When the two towers of the World Trade Center were attacked on September 11, , the towers collapsed on themselves, creating a disaster area known as Ground Zero. A perimeter wall was quickly built around the area to contain the destruction in an effort to rebuild.

One journalist spent five months with unrivaled access to the recovery effort and wrote about the experience. When two planes flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, most Americans were shocked, but some in the security community had seen this coming and argued for more aggressive action against al-Qaida. While al-Qaida operatives were training and planning the attack against the United States, the US public was distracted by domestic politics and scandals.

Reluctant hero

From presidential misconduct and perjury in the case of Monica Lewinsky, an aide to President Clinton who had a relationship with him, to the contentious recount and end of the Presidential Election. Americans were focused inward. Listen to learn about what led up to that historic day.

The terrorist attacks on September 11, not only changed many Americans sense of security, but it also changed the organization of the security apparatus of the U. Federal Government.

It led to the creation and funding of the U. Department of Homeland Security. This department receives billions of dollars in funding every year to improve state and federal readiness efforts. But there is a growing debate about the role and effectiveness of the department and the way this money is spent.

Listen here to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the Department of Homeland Security. These levels of listening complexity can help teachers choose stories for their students.