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Quantum mechanics 4th ed. An Introduction to the Science of Cosmology en s. Some nonperturbative semi-classical methods in quantum field theory a pedagogical review en 87s. Quantum transport theory en s. Quantum transport theory of electrons in solids[c] A single-particle approach en 37s. Quantum field-theoretical methods in transport theory of metals en 37s.

The apparent irreversibility of particle creation[c] a study of time scales and of the mechanisms responsible for[ Statistical mechanism in a nutshell en 23s. From reversible quantum microdynamics to irreversible quantum transport en 81s. Dual models and relativistic quantum strings en 73s. Descriptive physical oceanography en s. Sur la theorie generale des systemes dynamiques fr 27s. Statistical and dynamical aspects of mesoscopic systems en s. Modern Course in Statistical Physics 2nd ed. Hadron properties from QCD sum rules en 87s. Light-cone gauge analysis of superstrings en s.

Perturbative quantum chromodynamics en s. Quantum Fluctuations en s. Green[ap]s functions and condensed matter en s. Kinematical Theory of Spinning Particles. From Perturbative to Constructive Renormalization en s. Proprietes diophantiennes des valeurs de la fonction zeta de Riemann aux entiers impairs fr 50s. Path integral approach to quantum physics en s. Introduction to Cosmology 3rd ed.

Exact results in the theory of non-abelian magnetic monopoles en 46s. Physics of musical instruments en s. Electromagnetics en s. Quantum Gravity en s. Nonlinear System Theory. The Volterra-Wiener Approach en s. The quantum three-dimensional sinai billiard - a semiclassical analysis en s.

General relativity for mathematicians en s. Statistical thermodynamics on surfaces, interfaces and membranes en s. Einstein and the quantum theory en 52s. Modern quantum mechanics en s. Fundamentals of photonics en s. Renormalization[c] an introduction en s. Chaos in dynamical systems en s. Averaging methods in nonlinear dynamical systems en s. Dark sky, dark matter en s. How to solve physics problems en s. Applied physics en s. Technische optik de s. Invitation to dynamical systems en s. An introduction to the theory of dual models and strings en 42s.

The physics of superconductors. Introduction to fundamentals and applications en s. Quantum field theories of arbitrary spin en 99s. Quantum magnetism en s. Femtosecond real-time spectroscopy of small molecules and clusters en s. Solar and stellar magnetic activity en s. A course on [qu][qu]Modular localization and algebraic approach to nonperturbative[qu][qu] en s.

Techniques and applications of path integration en s. Physics in spacetime en s. A first course in general relativity en s. Dual resonance theory en 67s. Superstring theory en s. Beyond flat-space quantum field theory en 35s. The classical and quantum mechanics of systems with constraints en 43s. Path integrals in quantum field theory en 34s. Atmospheric chemistry and physics[c] from air polution to climat change en. Teaching electromagnetic field theory using differential forms en 37s. Statistical physics of liquid-crystalline polymers en 54s.

Dynamical supersymmetry breaking en 40s. Principles of quantum mechanics 2nd ed. Renormalization-group approach to interacting fermions en 64s. Geometric phases in physics en. The spacetime supersymmetric formulation of the string en 67s. Introduction to high-temperature superconductivity en s. Electroweak higgs potential and vacuum stability en s. ITEP lectures on particle physics and field theory Vol. Quantum theory[c] concepts and methods en s. Supermanifolds, super twistor spaces and super Yang-Mills fields en 57s.

The principle of least action in geometry and dynamics en s. Introduction to string field theory en s. Fields en s. The Bit and the Pendulum. Lasers en s. Laser Fundamentals 2nd ed. Functional Integration and Quantum Physics en s. The Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Gases vol 1 en s. Concepts in Theoretical Physics en s. Phase Transitions and Collective Phenomena en s. Quantum mechanics in chemistry en s. Finite-dimensional randomness en 14s. Following [qu][qu]String Theory[qu][qu] vol 1 en s.

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Group theory for unified model building en s. The Electronic Structure of Metals en 74s. Evaluating Feynman integrals en s. Explaining chaos en s. Introducing supersymmetry en s. Four-vortex motion in the two layer approximation[c] integrable case en 24s. Critical phenomena in natural sciences en s. The Lorenz equations[c] bifurcation, chaos, and strange attractors en s. Coupling, Stationarity, and Regeneration en s. Electrons at Fermi surface en s. Quantum field theory Part 1.

Spin zero en s. Quantum field theory Part 2. Spin one-half en s. General relativity and cosmology for undergraduates en s. Spin foam models for quantum gravity en 62s. Quantum field theory Part 3. Spin one en s. Introduction to phase transitions, and critical phenomena en s. Relativity[c] an introduction to special and general relativity 3rd ed.

Physics of liquid crystals en 87s. Semi-Riemann geometry and general relativity en s. Advanced general relativity en s. Introduction to physical oceanography en s. The physics of quantum fields en s. General relativity and relativistic astrophysics en s. PCT, spin and statistics and all that en s. Handbook of particle physics en s. Introduction to blackholes, information, and string theory revolution en s. Principles of lasers 4th ed. The Oceans[c] their physics, chemistry, and general biology en s. Symmetrie, invarianz und selbstaehnlichkeit in der turbulenz de s.

Das holographische universum[c] die welt in neuer dimension de s. Celestial mechanics en s. Classical mechanics en s. Electricity and magnetism en. Geometric optics en. Heat and thermodynamics en. Stellar atmospheres en s. Paleomagnetic principles and practice en s. M atrix theory[c] matrix quantum mechanics as fundamental theory en 43s. Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems en s. Polymer solutions[c] an introduction to physical properties en s. Adiabatic perturbation theory in quantum dynamics en s. The Dirac equation en s. Visual quantum mechanics en s. The Gale encyclopedia of science volume 1 3rd ed.

The Gale encyclopedia of science volume 2 en s. Computer algebra and symbolic computation en s. Real Analysis 2nd ed. General Relativity en s. On quantum physics and ordinary consciousness en s. Algebraische Methoden der Quantentheorie de 92s. Quantum fluctuations in Optical Systems en 87s. Introduction to the renormalization group en 97s. An introduction to dynamical systems en s.

Quantum field theory en s. Quantum Mechanics II en s. Kaluza-Klein theory en 95s. Quantum mechanics lecture notes en s. Quantum mechanics. Problem Set en 35s. Solution to problems in Quantum Mechanics en s. Functional analysis en s. Lectures on loop quantum gravity en 92s.

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The structure of the nucleon en s. String field theory en s. Topological quantum numbers in nonrelativistic physics en s. Predicative arithmetic en s. Quantum fluctuations en s. Tensor analysis en s. Topics in dynamics en s. Radically elementary probability theory en 97s. Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology en s. Introduction to superconductivity 2nd ed. Current algebra and anomalies en s. Detection of low level optical signals. Photodetectors, focal plane arrays and systems en s.

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Scattering of electromagnetic waves Vol 2. Numerical simulations en s. Scattering of electromagnetic waves Vol 1. Theories and applications en s. Scattering of electromagnetic waves Vol 3. Advanced topics en s. Ultrafast dynamical processes in semiconductors en s. Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics 2nd ed. My favorite universe en 75s. Department of Energy Fundamentals Handbook. Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow vol. Black Holes en s. Department of Energy Fundamental Handbook.

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The quantum damped harmonic oscillator en s. The Theory of Gyrogroups and Gyrovector Spaces en s. String theory limits and dualities en s. Optical signal processing en s. An introduction to dual models of strong interaction and their physical motivations en 43s. Laser electronics 3rd ed. The theory of the relativity of motion en s.

Lorentzian wormholes. From Einstein to Hawking en s. Finite element method for elecromagnetics en s. Electromagnetic field theory en s. The Universe in a Helium Droplet en s. Unitery Transformations in Solid State Physics en s. The Deadbeat Universe en s. Quantum Optics en s. Vorlesung Moderne Physik de s. Classical electrodynamics en s. Theoretische Festkorperphysik I.

Elementare Grundbegriffe de 61s. Theoretische Festkorperphysik II. Heidelberg Skriptum de 97s. The Quantum Theory of Fields. The first three minutes en s. Quantum Dissapative Systems 2nd ed. Useful Optics en s. Simplified models for turbulent diffusion.. Vorticity and incompressible flow CUP, s. The physics of fluid turbulence Oxford, T s. Turbulence as statistics of vortex cells T 28s.

Foundations of radiation hydrodynamics Oxford, T s. Topological aspects of the dynamics of fluids and plasmas Kluwer T s. Lectures on the Statistical Theory of Turbulence K p. Equations of radiation hydrodynamics Pergamon, dpi T s. Fluid dynamics.. Course in fluid mechanics with vector field theory web draft, s. The Navier-Stokes Equations.. Theory and Numerical Methods Dekker, dpi T s. Similarity and dimensional methods in mechanics 10th ed. Intermediate fluid mechanics lecture notes, web draft, Wisconsin, s.

Fundamentals of gas dynamics 2ed. The mathematical theory of cosmic strings IOP, s. The mathematical theory of cosmic strings IOP, T s. Classical covariant fields s. Classical covariant fields CUP, s. Classical field theory. Quantum fields and strings AMS 90s. Classical and quantum dynamics.. Geometry, particles and fields K T s. Geometry, particles and fields L T s. Special relativity lecture notes, 53s. The relations of homogeneous Maxwell equations to theory of functions 59s. Geometric mechanics book 1, draft pdf,html. Geometric mechanics, book 1 draft T s.

Mechanics and symmetry. Reduction theory book 2, draft s. Introduction to mechanics and symmetry draft s. Introduction to mechanics and symmetry draft T s. Die spezielle Relativitaetstheorie Vieweg, K de T s. Cosmic strings and domain walls PR, T 53s. Symmetries and Conservation Laws of Evolution Equations phd thesis, s. S, Wells R. Foundations of mechanics 2ed. Mecanique classique II Laval Uni. Mathematical Methods Of Classical Mechanics 2ed.

Introduction to classical mechanics 2ed. Mechanics Warszawa, L T s. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics.. Elementary theory of spinnning tops and gyroscopic motion London, KA dpi T s. Classical mechanics 3ed. Analytical mechanics CUP, T s. Analytical mechanics CUP, s.

An elementary treatise on theoretical mechanics Boston, dpi KA T s. Classical dynamics. Fundamentals of mechanical vibrations 2ed. Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems 5ed. Mecanique classique I Laval Uni. Lectures on mechanics 2ed. Einfuehrung in die Mechanik deformierbarer Koerper.. Einfuehrung in die allgemeine Mechanik.. Advanced classical mechanics.. A treatise on dynamics of a particle Cambridge, dpi KA T s. A treatise on the dynamics of a system of rigid bodies London, dpi KA T s. Classical mechanics web draft, s.

Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics MIT, dpi T s. Hamilton formalism for systems with constraints lectures, T 40s. Theoretische Mechanik Skriptum de T s. Fractals and chaos.. Dynamical systems and irreversibility.. Lectures on integrable systems and gauge theory draft L T C 28s. Spinning tops.. Introduction to classical integrable systems web draft, s. Dynamical systems and fractals in Pascal CUP, s. Hamiltonian dynamics.. Geometrical theory of dynamical systems draft lecture notes, T 85s.

Perturbation theory of dynamical systems draft lecture notes, s. Dynamical systems AMS, T s. Introduction to dynamical systems CUP, dpi T s. A universal instability of many-dimensional oscillator systems PR 52, T s. Introduction to infinite-dimensional dynamical and dissipative systems s. Springer LNP , s. Direct and inverse methods in nonlinear evolution equations LNP, Springer, s. Harmonic maps and integrable systems s. Harmonic maps and integrable systems T s. Topological analysis of dynamical systems RMP 70, 75s.

Discrete integrable systems LNP, Springer, s. Dynamics and bifurcations Springer, L T s. Algorithmen fuer Chaos und Fraktale - Floppy disc. Analysis and simulations of chaotic systems 2ed. Canonical theories of Lagrangian dynamical systems in physics PR, T s. Perturbation theory for periodic problems in 2D integrable systems Sov. Nontopological solitons PR, T s. Symplectic geometry and analytical mechanics D. Introduction to dynamical systems web draft, s.

Qualitative theory of dynamical systems.. Solitons and geometry Lezioni Fermiane, Cambridge Univ. Classical integrable finite-dimensional systems related to Lie algebras PR71, T 88s. Quantum integrable systems related to Lie algebras PR94, T 92s. Combinations of complex dynamical systems Springer LNM, s. Noise, Oscillators and Algebraic Randomness Proc. Dynamical systems and ergodic theory web version, CUP, s. Sur la theorie generale des systemes dynamiques Ann. Fourier, fr dpi T 28s. Averaging methods in nonlinear dynamical systems Springer, L T s.

Finite-dimensional randomness Russ. Four-vortex motion in the two layer approximation - integrable case RXD, T 24s. The nonlinear Schroedinger equation.. The theory of magnetic poles Phys. Introduction to electrodynamics 3ed. Electrodynamics 3ed. Laser light dynamics, vol. Principles of charged particle acceleration 2ed. Classical electrodynamics 3ed. Classical electrodynamics Wiley, T s. Parabolic equation methods for electromagnetic wave propagation dpi T C s. A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism.

Treatise on electricity and magnetism, vol. OSA Handbook of Optics, vol. Principles of optics 6ed. Nonlinear Optics 2ed. Laser spectroscopy 3ed. Quantum noise Springer, T s. Quantum noise 2ed. Introduction to Fourier Optics 2ed. Ozone measuring instruments for the stratosphere Am. Optical Soc. Optical resonators.. Introduction to Optical Waveguide Analysis.. Nonlinear optical waves Kluwer, T s. Optics L T s. Dispersion, complex analysis and optical spectroscopy. Theory of light Introduction to theoretical physics, vol. Mathematical methods of quantum optics Springer, T s. Polarised light in science and nature IOP s.

Theoretical optics.. Lasers Univ. Laser fundamentals 2ed. Principles of lasers 4ed. Detection of Low Level Optical Signals.. Laser electronics 3ed. Quantum optics T s. Electricite et optique 2ed. Scattering of electromagnetic waves. Advanced topics no p. Classical electrodynamics lecture notes, Heidelberg, s. Classical electrodynamics - Klassische Elektrodynamik lecture notes, Heidelberg, de en s. Elektrodynamik Skriptum, de T s. Semiconductor cavity quantum electrodynamics Springer, T s. Answers to selected problems from Jackson's Classical electrodynamics v1 Samizdat press, 37s.

Answers to selected problems from Jackson's Classical electrodynamics v2 Samizdat press, 61s. Principles of modern physics Holden-Day, T s. Applications of classical physics draft, dpi T C s. A Guide to Physics Problems. Part 1, Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics Kluwer, s. Conservation laws s. Electricity and Magnetism s.

Newtonian physics s. Optics textbook lightandmatter 90s. The modern revolution in physics s. Vibrations and waves 92s. Theoretische Physik 2. Theoretische Physik 1. Feynmana wiklady z fizyki, tom 1. Feynmana wiklady z fizyki, tom 2. Lectures on physics. Cumulative index AW, T 7s. Physics demystified MGH, s. Classical electrodynamics Springer, T s. Classical mechanics. Point particles and relativity Springer, T s. Systems of particles and hamiltonian dynamics Springer, K dpi T s. Quantum Mechanics.. Quantum mechanics. An introduction Springer, T s. Relativistic quantum mechanics.

Wave equations Springer, dpi T s. Theoretische Physik. Klassische Mechanik 1 de K dpi T s. Klassische Mechanik 2 de K dpi T s. Quantum mechanics.. Symmetries 2ed. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics Springer, T s. Field quantization Springer, T s. Quantum electrodynamics 3ed. Physik I neu. Einleitung de T C 20s. Newtonsche Mechanik, 1 de T C 35s. Newtonsche Mechanik, 2 de T C 36s. Deformierbare Medien de T C 25s. Schwingungen und Wellen de T C 31s.

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Waermelehre, 1 de T C 25s. Waermelehre, 2 de T C 19s. Physik fuer Mediziner und Biologen Wiss. Undegraduate Calculus-based Physics physics Mecanique Mir, fr L T s. Mechanics 3ed. Physical Kinetics 1ed. The classical theory of fields 4ed. Statistical physics part 1 3ed. Electrodynamics of Continuous Media 2ed. Statistical physics part 2 Pergamon, dpi T s. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 1-Klassische Mechanik 6ed. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 2-Analytische Mechanik 5ed. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 3-Elektrodynamik 6ed. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik Quantenmechanik-Grundlagen 5ed. Physik mit Bleistift 4ed.

Physics for scientists and engineers 6ed. Vorlesungen ueber theoretische Physik. Band 1. Band 2. Band 3. Celestial mechanics lecture notes, T s. Classical mechanics textbook. Classical mechanics textbook, T s. Electricity and magnetism lecture notes. Geometric optics lecture notes. Heat and thermodynamics lecture notes. Stellar atmospheres lecture notes T s. Physics for scientists and engineers 5ed. Elektrodynamik Skriptum Uni-Giessen de s.

Mechanik Skriptum Uni-Giessen de s. Quantenfeldtheorie Skriptum Uni-Giessen de 96s. Thermodynamik und Statistik Skriptum Uni-Giessen de s. Introduction to gauge field theories Skriptum Uni-Giessen s. Introduction to path integrals in field theory Skriptum Uni-Giessen s. Quantenelektrodynamik Skriptum Uni-Giessen de s. Einfuehrung in die Quantenfeldtheorie Skriptum Uni-Giessen de 79s. Moderne Physik Skriptum, Dortmund, de T s. Physics 7, Special relativity and cosmology lecture notes, s.

Physics 7, Special relativity and cosmology.. The Gale encyclopedia of science. Star cluster - Zooplankton. CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics 84 ed. General Index. Topic List 19s. Vol1 s. Vol2 s. Vol3 s. Vol4 s. Vol5 s. Vol6 s. Global Earth physics.. Mineral physics and crystallography.. Rock physics and phase relations.. Glossary of physical oceanography and related disciplines s. Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics 3ed. The Ozone Layer.. Chemical Reference Materials.. Interaction of ocean waves and wind CUP draft, s. Forecast Verification.. Field geophysics Wiley, s. The Earth inside and out..

Waves in the Ocean and Atmosphere.. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics some chapters T s. Introduction to physical oceanography T s. The Oceans.. Ocean acoustics.. Barts, St. Kitts and St. Spin in gravity Proc. Gravitation and gauge symmetries IoP, s. Primer for black hole quantum physics PR, T s. Internal structure of black holes and spacetime singularities Proc. Classical Fields.. Relativity Proc. Lectures on general relativity arxiv.

Black Hole Equilibrium States.. Part 1 From Les Houches , ed. Part 2 From Les Houches , ed. Gravitational waves IOP, s. Battelle Rencontres.. Isolated gravitating systems in general relativity Proc. Relativity theory and astrophysics. Relativity and cosmology Proc. Asymptotic structure of space-time Proc. Complex general relativity Kluwer, s. Black hole physics..

Handler, R. General relativity from A to B U. Future of theoretical physics and cosmology Proc. Hawking 60th bday symp. Press T s. Nature of space and time contributions to book with R. General relativity.. Black holes.. Metric-affine gauge theory of gravity PR, T s. General relativity and gravitation. Spacetime calculus, with applications to electrodynamics, quantum theory and gravitation draft dpi T 73s. Relativity, astrophysics and cosmology Proc. Banff, D. Gauge treatment of gravity PR94p1, T 45s. Recent advances in general relativity T. Introduction to tensor calculus, relativity and cosmology 3ed.

Recent developments in gravitation Cargese lectures Plenum, p. Elementary general relativity lecture notes, web draft v3. Exact Solutions and Scalar Fields in Gravity.. General relativity and cosmology for undergraduates Wisconsin lecture notes, s. Geometrie der Raumzeit 2ed. Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang 2ed. Gravitation and Cosmology.. From the Hubble radius to the Planck scale Proc. The first sources of light and the reionization of the universe PR, s.

Modern cosmology compilation s. Relativity and Cosmology U. Martin, E. Physics in multidimensional spaces and the beginning of metagalaxy PR, T 68s. The galactic black hole.. Lectures on general relativity and astrophysics IOP, T s. Cosmology for string theorists, a crash course 93s. Introduction to mathematical cosmology 2ed. Some implications of a cosmological phase transition PR67, T 17s. Light pseudoscalars, particle physics and cosmology PR, T s. Cosmological perturbation theory Progr. Generation of density perturbations in inflationary cosmology Nucl.

B, , L T 18s. Cosmic topology PR, T 80s. Introduction to modern cosmology 2ed. Theory of cosmological perturbations PR, T s. Theoretical astrophysics vol. The physics of the early universe LNP , Springer, s. Introduction to cosmology 3ed. Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations 2ed. Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology Oxford, T s. Das Standardmodell der Kosmologie Skriptum, de 55s.

Lectures on general relativity D. General relavitity and cosmology Proc. General relativity. Ehlers honorary volume Springer LNP , s. Physics in spacetime.. Relativity 3ed. Black holes and relativistic stars Chandrasekhar memorial conf. Gravitation and cosmology..

Raum, Zeit, Materie 6e Aufl. Introduction to General Relativity Caput College lectures, web draft, 68s. Weak chaos and anomalous transport Comm. Chaos on the pseudosphere PR, T s. Chaotic behavior in general relativity PR85p1, T 49s. Nonlinear science at the dawn of the 21st century Springer LNP, s. Introduction to bifurcation theory RMP63, dpi T 47s. Classical and quantum chaos book web version 9. Introduction to chaotic dynamical systems 2ed. Ergodic theory of chaos and strange attractors RMP57, dpi T 40s.

Stochasticity in classical Hamiltonian systems.. Synergetics Proc. Workshop Elmau, Springer, no p. Chaos and nonlinear dynamics 2ed. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.. Self-Organized Criticality.. Non-linear Dynamics.. The nature of chaos Oxford, L T s. Introduction to chaos.. Quantum 3D Sinai billiard.. Conformal fractals, dimensions and ergodic theory book draft, CUP, s. Nonlinear system theory.. Self-similarity and beyond.. Deterministic Chaos..

Nonlinear world. The Lorenz Equations. Bifurcations, Chaos, and Strange Attractors Appl. Chaos theory tamed T s. Chaos theory tamed Kolmogorov spectra of turbulence 1. Acoustic fields and waves in solids. Acoustics L T s. Wave motion.. Caustics, Catastrophes and Wave Fields 2nd ed. Physical Acoustics Vol. X Acad. Physics of musical instruments incomplete L T s. Impossibility s. Die letzten drei Minuten..

Auf dem Web zur Weltformel.. Quantum theory and the brain 52s. Geometrie und Erfahrung. Festvortrag am The world as I see it 76s. Surely you're joking, Mr. The Meaning of It All 52s. Sie belieben wohl zu scherzen, Mr. Feynman Piper, de s. The big bang theory - what it is, where it came from, and why it works Wiley, s. The Tao of Physics T s.

Die verbogene Raum-Zeit. Newton, Einstein und die Gravitation de s. Eine formel veraendert die Welt. Newton, Einstein und die Relativitaetstheorie de s. Dialogues concerning two new sciences Dover T s. One, two, three Succeeding in an Academic Career. The cosmic clocks.. Feynman's lost lecture. The elegant universe html. A brief history of time 2ed. A brief history of time html,jpg. Space and time warps public lecture 6s. The academic job search handbook 3ed. Life and Science of J.

History of light and color IOP, s. Science of everyday things, vol. Die Physik von Star Trek de rtf,html,pics. Nehmen wir an die Kuh ist eine Kugel de s. The physics of Star Trek htm,jpg. Que es la teoria de la relatividad Mir, es 42s. Kosmologie fuer Fussgaenger de s. The Nobel Prize.. It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist.. History of electromagnetism. Astronomia recreativa es s. Fisica recreativa es s. Fisica recreativa II s. Problemas y experimentos recreativos es s. Das Innerste der Dinge.. Einfuehrung in die Atomphysik de 60s. Schroedingers Katze..

Einfuehrung in die Quantenphysik de 59s. The bit and the pendulum.. Das holographische Universum.. Black holes and time warps.. Favorite universe L T 39s. So You Want to Be a Professor.. The Deadbeat Universe dpi T s. The first three minutes s. Stephen Hawking.. A life in science s. A history of theories of ether and electricity. The classical theories 2ed.

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The modern theories 2ed. The operator approach to dual multiparticle theory PR1, T 76s. Field theory, the renormalization group, and critical phenomena 2ed. Functional integration.. Gauge theories, knots, and gravity WS, L T s. Gauge theories, knots, and gravity - errata. Nonlinear realization and hidden local symmetries PR, T 98s. Fundamentals in nuclear physics.. Path integrals and anomalies in curved space CUP draft, s. Topological field theory PR, T s. Canonical transformations in QFT lecture notes 70s. Quantum field theory Proc. Tegernsee, LNP, Springer, s. Path integrals in physics, vol.

Stochastic processes and quantum mechanics IOP, s. Casimir force in non-planar geometric configurations phd thesis, VA, s. Photons and atoms, introduction to QED T s. Spin physics at short distance PR99, T s. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime PR19, T 63s. Kac-Moody algebras and exact solvability in hadronic physics PR, T 94s. Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians Ann Arbor lectures, s. Quantum theory of solitons PR42, T 87s.

Space-time approach to non-relativistic quantum mechanics RMP20, T 21s. Green's functions, heat kernels, Kasimir effect 10s. Noncommutative quantum field theories Swieca lectures, Sao Paolo, 58s. Quantum meaning of classical field theory RMP49, T 26s. Schroedinger picture for boson and fermion quantum field theories Canad. Large transverce momentum and jet studies PR48, T 66s.

Algebraische Methoden der Quantentheorie Skriptum, de 92s. Quantum field theory and particle physics T s. Critical Properties of Phi4-Theories T s. Collective quantum fields draft s. Path integrals book, Chapters 10 to 21 T s. Path integrals book, Chapters 2 to 7 T s.